EliteSat.com – Satellite Internet

EliteSat.comThis is the official site for the Hughes-Net company, which supplies wireless internet to all the contiguous US. More formally, it is a satellite two-way internet provider that has proved to be much better than conventional internet connection methods, like dial-up, dsl, or even other satellite internet connections that come with satellite television.

The site itself is an informational portal for this service. It provides all kinds of interesting information regarding the product it sells, including news, articles, even a speed calculator showing how the download times will increase depending on your current connection speed once you purchase the service. The Frequently Asked Questions section is definitely a must-read for all visitors that are actually interested in acquiring the product. In terms of design the site is extremely well organized, which makes its navigation as easy as it can get. The main (index) page is filled with information on “Hot-Deals” and packages that will surely attract your attention. EliteSat.com