KillerStartups – The Electricians’ Website

Elec-toolbox.comAre you an electrician or electrical contractor looking for information that helps you improve your performance at work? Then, might be an interesting and useful site for you to visit. The Electricians Toolbox Etc. is a site created for electricians and electrical contractors, where they will find all the information needed to improve their performance at work.

On you will find electricity definitions and formulas, as well as downloads and discussion groups where you can share your knowledge with other electricians and electrical contractors. Besides, this site has a directory of businesses and manufacturers in the electrical industry, and advertisements for different electrical companies in the United States.

Therefore, if you are an electrical contractor looking for electricity formulas and definitions, might be a useful site for you to visit. Remember to recommend this site to every electrician and electrical contractor you know, so they can increase their efficiency at work.

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