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eJournalTimes.comLocals of Racine and Racine County in Wisconsin will find in eJournalTimes.com a complete source of news and information both for national and local affairs, with a focus on community life.

This site is actually the digital version of one of the daily local papers, but going online has its advantages, as visitors of the site can find out about local events in multimedia format: photo galleries, videos, RSS feeds. The site is very neatly organized, so whether you are looking for coverage on a specific story, or just browsing to catch up with the news, the headlines for each section will prove very useful. eJournalTimes.com carries the average sections for a newspaper, like business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, opinion and general news, but this paper has one feature others don’t, and which will definitely cheer up your day; I’m talking about the ‘weird news’ area, where you’ll read about bizarre and funny things that happen in the US and the world, so you can have something interesting to comment on over the water cooler with your colleagues. eJournalTimes.com