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EJams.comIt’s probable that you don’t know many things about Hip-Hop and Rap music, but you might have listened to Cypress Hill once, that is an extremely known band. Moreover, Eminem has captured fans all over the world, although at the start of his career he was very discriminated because of his skin color.


Hip Hop and Rap music was born in the USA, but as you might know that they have their roots in Africa. Music changes everyday because the influence of other rhythms, and in this case, a new music style appears. Rock n’ Roll for example, has its nearest root on Rhythm and Blues music. will allow you to listening lots of Hip-Hop and Rap songs. You can download free songs, and the website also offers special sections that include a Chat Room, Music Videos, New Music and also a place to buy your CDs. So give this site a chance, and then decide if you take it or leave it…


Author : Irene Davids

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