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eInstruction.comIn 1980, Dr. Darrell Ward was determined to change classroom learning through innovation.


By creating a software to make the Audience Respose system used in classrooms better, they designed a smaller and durable hardware that would look ‘at home’ in the classrooms all over the state. The name of this new product was the first Classroom Performance System. Since then, eInstruction continues developing the system to make it easier to use and more powerful. They created the first RF systems and then developed REAP, the first district solution for testing students that allows administrators to see real-time test results and other products also created to facilitate and enhance classroom learning. Since then, eInstruction has kept on developing better softwares for classrooms. is a way for this company to get their products on te market, for schools to learn about the new improvements and also to find solutions to their classroom problems. With different areas, training the teachers to use the products and also a place to download, has developed a website combining the most simple display and access to everything a teacher might need in a classroom.


Author : Caroline Bright

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