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Egyptartsite.comThis site is perfect for all you Ancient Egypt fans out there. The website is runned by Richard Deurer, an artist whose work is very much influenced and inspired by Ancient Egypt’s art.


Here you can check all of his works, with pictures, details, and information on each. You will see that all his artwork resembles the paintings we are used to see on history text books and museums, but with something new. As he says, they are “a humorous look at modern life, through the eyes of the ancient Egyptians”. Many of his works are already sold and are hanging on private collections, but you can buy here reproductions. Besides his paintings, you can also access an ancient Egypt shop, where you can find T-Shirts, postcards, bags, memorabilia and books, among others. Also find information about Ancient Egypt, and a virtual tour to its relics and most famous tourist sites.


Author : Liam Gray

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