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Michael Stevens Group. This group is a co-op that specializes in delivery bulk food and storable food. The idea is simple, the group select food from any supplier, they select the ones they trusted, then they combine a large number of orders, therefore they negotiate the price and shipment costs. When you order, transfers the savings to your order; this is why you can get such good prices. They have several different packages that give nutritional options, like the Liberty Unit or Freedom Unit. Each unit is bulk food supply for 1-year 1 adult. They also have offers for 2-month supply like the Grab-n-Go Pack, nutrition case, soup case, drink case, quick fix case and much more. You can save over 55% over grocery store prices, not mentioning the time saving. This website displays lots of extra information as seminars and articles regarding food quality and packaging. If you watch what you eat, consider visiting


Author : Mery Fisher

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