KillerStartups – Online Spreadsheet

Editgrid.comEditGrid is an online spreadsheet which has all the usual features such as formulas and cell reference, augmented by resources that are lacking in desktop spreadsheets like live data access. For instance, it is possible to share archives online, enabling other users to access and edit the spreadsheet.

Moreover, EditGrid enables the user to publish charts in blogs and video websites such as YouTube. The site includes testimonials along with featured datasheets that showcase the options that EditGrid has on offer. EditGrid is free for personal users, and corporations who wish to purchase the product can do so by following the relevant link, which details the subscription and licensing plans that are in force. Furthermore, there is a section of the website that is aimed at developers, as it includes a WEB API and a GRID API that make for programmatic access to EditGrid features. Full documentation can likewise be found by following the link to the Developer Wiki page.

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