EdisonNation.com – The Collective Voice of Innovation

EdisonNation.comEdison Nation works to bridge the gap between innovation and execution. It funnels creative individuals’ new product ideas through ‘Live Product Searches,’ or innovation challenges, and submissions at EdisonNation.

com. Edison Nation focuses its efforts on major retailers and manufacturers who desire unprecedented access to the very best ideas from independent innovative thinkers. Beyond what similar sites like Innovation Edge, Your Encore, or Innocentive are doing, Edison Nation membership offers additional value to its members through the Web 2.0 platform that allows them to create personalized profiles, network, share ideas, and even swap skill sets with other creative professionals. Edison Nation also recruits a large amount of diverse product ideas through nationwide casting calls held for its nationally televised, Emmy-award winning PBS series, Everyday Edisons. For companies that value innovation, Edison Nation offers hassle-free access to a diverse, virtual R & D lab of countless innovators ideas. For individuals, it offers an easy platform for cashing in on your great ideas with big-name retailers and manufacturers. EdisonNation.com