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edenfoods.comToday’s foods are full of preservatives, colors, additives and who knows what else. Most of us happily tuck into these foods daily without any idea of the long term effects they are having on us.


The move by the general public towards healthier dining has not been a recent phenomenon, more a slow moving snowball gathering size and popularity as it moved. There is a company, for example, that was started in nineteen sixty eight, the United States in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A healthy living group of friends decided to try and source good healthy wholesome foods for themselves and there families. In a similar way, this home project snowballed in to the company that is called Eden. developed into a natural food store, and now in to the biggest supplier of natural, organic and macrobiotic foods in North America. Check out this web site to find out more about the company and there range of products.


Author : Bill Webb

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