search cancel – The Industry Leading Career Mana is the leading provider of custom online career center management software, online event management, and recruitment solutions to employers of all sizes.


EASE( Electronic Applications for Students and Employers), their online career center management suite, gives support to institutions of als sizes and types, as an integrated suite of customizable, scalable, proven application on a single database. If your institution needs help to manage your office activities more efficiently and effectively, eCampusRecruiter can provide this help, and be part of the 350 North American institution that rely on eCampusRecruiter and the EASE Custom Software Suite to do their work. If you are not quite sure how this works, you can visit the website, click on “demonstration” , enter your data, and you can easily have a demonstration of how eCampusRecruiter works. If you have more questions, visit the website, where you can find all th einforamtion about the different products according to your needs, such as EASElaw Basic, EASElaw Custom, and more.


Author : Irene Davids

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