EbsqArt.com – Self Representating Artists

EbsqArt.comIf you like art and would like to express yourself, in ebsqart.com you will be able to find art marketing tools, which are provided in order to help the Self Representing Artist Community.

If you want to become a member, you will have to choose between two types of memberships: Patron, which is free, and Artist, which is not free. By being a Patron member, you will have the possibility to vote for the Patron’s choice awards, save artists and artists´ works in your gallery, send cards by email with your favourite paintings, go to chat rooms and more. In the other hand, if you choose to be an Artist member you will be able to have your own portfolio including your art, links for you to sell online, the possibility of entering to special section where only members have access to, etc. The different items provided are categorized so as to make the site’s navigation easier. If interested in seeing artists works or becoming a member of this community, you should check out the page. EbsqArt.com