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EatCleanDiet.comThe “Eat-Clean Diet” book series is written by a Ms. Tosca Reno.


The titles provide nutritional information as well as weight-loss techniques and exercise plans. The full collection of books is detailed on the series’ website, reached These include titles such as “The Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids”, “The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook” and “The Eat-Clean Diet Workout Journal”. In addition to describing the contents of each one of these titles, the website includes a “Preview” feature that will give you a taster of each book’s contents. For its part, a section named “Ask Tosca” will let you contact the author of the books personally and submit questions for her consideration, while further resources can be procured at the Tosca’s Eat-Clean Blog. A newsletter is likewise available, and registration is inexpensive. Just make sure to furnish your e-mail address when prompted if you wish to receive in your inbox.


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