search cancel – Encouragement System For Children is a site that provides you with software and services that facilitate and encourage the the creation and implementation of operating structures to meet behavior standards in homes, schools, businesses, and other environments.


The site is organized in different categories so you will find the information that you need in a faster way. The categories that you can find are products; research; encouraging: great behavior, self-esteem, responsibility, chores, homework-grades, cleaning up, respect for adults, work ethic, patience, positive parenting; rewarding: privileges, reward charts, incentives, money, tokens, allowances, savings, budgeting; concerns: misbehaviors, arguing, fighting, sibiling rivalry, nagging, punishment, better parenting, school success, adhd parenting; partners: retail store locator, kids organizations, advisory board, pto and pta affiliated websites; free stuff: child behavior report, parenting advice, parenting expert advice, parenting newsletter and parenting tips. So if you want to get further information about this services then you should check out this site.


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