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EasyBib.comJust finished an important paper for your career? Now you have got to take care of the bibliography… look up the several formats to cite the different type of sources. Well, EasyBib.


com will do it for you. This site takes care of that stressing process of putting the colons in one determined place whereas the periods go in another one, when to underline and use bold letters and all the other formats. The homepage has a nice design using eye catching colors and a font that is big enough to be read easily. The layout is quite simple, enabling you to browse around and learn about this site without bumping into any problems, questions or doubts. The main menu is displayed horizontally on the top of the page and contains all the information the site provides, organized into categories. Some of these categories include about us (information on the site and the service), products, help and more. The homepage also promotes mybibPro, which is a service that in addition to the service already described, offers as well the possibility to upload journal citations from databases, store multiple lists, cites books and anthologies right away and much more. This service is not free, yet the prices are quite accessible. offers an extremely handy service, check it out at!


Author : Caroline Bright

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