search cancel – Buy Cars Cheaper is a socially-driven, ad-supported autos classifieds web service designed to help private sellers and auto dealers sell cars online.


Their mission is to provide a community around cars and a free-to-list service that will boost the sales of dealerships and private sellers by leveraging online social and behavioral data. The business model for online automotive classifieds is quickly becoming stale. 10 years ago when cars were put online, it was revolutionary and it trumped the newspaper classifieds that were still using 1-inch wide text ads. However now, with more advanced technologies, cheaper distribution costs, and new ways to promote vehicles via social media; they are still stuck with the 10 year old model of doing business – which is to charge dealers and private sellers to distribute their inventory on the web. With other industries changing their way of business to match today’s online behavior, they think auto classifieds are due for an update to modernize how it sells cars online as well.


Author : Liam Gray

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