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EarthDownloads.comSatellite services are no longer privative of a selected few. They have become readily available to individuals to whom they were out of reach just a short time ago.


If you ever want to know more about the featured satellite services available, you can always resort to websites like In this case, the site is split into four main pages. They are “Satellite Earth Maps”, “Satellites”, “Satellite Internet” and “Satellite TV”. The contents of each one of these sections are presented in a concise manner, and they are certainly informative. For instance, when it comes to satellite internet services the site spells out the differences it has in relation to terrestrial internet and its advantages, in addition to the three different types of satellite internet services that are available as of this date, namely “One-way multicast”, “One-way with terrestrial return” and “Two-way satellite access”. For its part, the “Satellite TV” page describes the system in layman terms, as well as featuring an overview of satellite TV in America which is worth-reading.


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