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This program is designed only for Indians. Please read the below mentioned content slowly and thoroughly.

What is the business?

STEP 1) First you will need to send 20 Rupees Money order to the members in the admin address mentioned below. Then you need to send 20 Rupees Money order to each of the other 4 sub addresses mentioned in this website ( Total Rs.120 /- only ).

STEP 2) Once you send the money order to all the addresses and send us your postal address by e-mail to [email protected], We will set up a website for you similar like this website.(Ex: yourname.ecash4all.com) In your website your name and address will be listed in the #4 position. We remove the name and address in the #1 position and move the other three Addresses up.

STEP 3)We place your name and address in the bottom of the list at #4. So you are in the #4 position now.

Once you become a member, you will be provided with all the marketing tools and software’s to promote your website (www.yourname.ecash4all.com) in the internet. If someone reads your website and if he is interested like you, they will send Money Order (MO) to you and all the addresses mentioned in your website (www.yourname.ecash4all.com). At this stage your address will be moved to #3 position in the new member’s website and a new member will be at #4 position. Now the #4 position member will do the same kind of marketing like you do and still you get Money Order (MO) as you are in #3rd position of new member’s website.

How Much you can Earn?
If you just recommend only 10 members.(A very low example) then you make Rs.200 with your name at #4 position on the website. Now, each of the 10 persons who just sent you Rs.20 each , refers the MINIMUM 10 persons, each with your name at #3 position, and that is another Rs.2000 for you. Now those 10 each refers MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at #2 position and It will bring Rs.20,000!. Now, those 10 persons turn around MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at #1 position and you will make an additional Rs.2,00,000! And all this with only 10 response.

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Will this program be stopped at any time?

It is not possible to stop this program in India because everyone is trying to earn extra cash and opportunities.

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