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E-mayday.comNowadays, people live with a busy schedule and have no time to search a service provider when needed. Looking for a service provider can be a long, stressful, and irritating process.


With Mayday, you don’t need to repeat yourself a thousand times to express the nature of your needs when calling one by one.

You simply post your request for any type of service provider completely free.

You then receive quotations from service providers interested in providing you the service requested. You will be able to compare and choose the best one that fits your needs. When the service is completed, you will be able to leave a feedback for the service obtained.

Service providers can join Mayday at no cost and create a company profile, in order to be informed whenever a customer is looking for their services. They will then be able to submit a bid for the chosen requests by paying a low fixed fee. No memberships to pay, no monthly payments, no long term agreements.

Mayday also offers different services to registered service providers. They will be allowed to create their company profile, publicize their corporate news, their products, and their corporate events at no charge.

Mayday portal also offers a Blog for companies who wish to share informative articles related to their services, their products, their work experience, their profession, and more.


Author : Bill Webb

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