search cancel – Better Money since 1996 is, an internet payment system by gold and silver reserve.


To use this system, you have to create your own account. This is an easy step, because in the main frame you are going to find a link, named “create an account”, so, you have to click that link, and the site is going to send you to another page. In the new page, you have to read the “user agreement”, and you have to accept the terms. After that, you are going to see a form, which you have to fill with your personal information; anyway if you have some doubts, the page gives you all necessary information to fill the form. Even, you have a link (phone access), which gives you the chance to use the system by phone. If you are not so sure to use your gold in this business, you have a link about the security of the system. Besides you are going to find links to exchange rates, statistics, and examiner, this is to make easier your decision. So if you want to make a good business with gold, you have to take a look about the chances that this site offers to you.


Author : Charly Zaks

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