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Dxgusa.comThis is the website of DXG USA, the digital camera company. DXG is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells attractively styled digital still and video cameras for the youth and mainstream markets.


It has recently become one of the fastest growing US brands through its high-quality products and the best customer service. DXG aims to build a respected and well-received global consumer brand among mainstream mid and late adopters of mid and entry-level digital cameras. It has more than 20 yeas of experience producing digital technology products, and it’s in charge of all production aspects, including manufacture, design, and packaging. Through this site you can access the whole range of the company’s products, which include a vast array of cameras in different design styles and sizes. Check the Product section for technical information, pictures, and prices of Hi-def video cameras, digital video cameras, slim cameras, and accessory products, such as portable media.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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