search cancel – Boat Building Magazine is an online magazine about boatbuilding that has been online for more than 10 years.


Here you can find articles, information, and advice about boatbuilding. The site is updated almost everyday with different articles about boatbuilding as well as all the latest relates news. In order to stay updated with all the latest from the site, here you can also subscribe to their free email newsletter, which is published once a month. In addition to this, the site features an online forum where you can meet other boatbuilding enthusiasts in order to share comments and information. Finally, you can also access here to their online store where you can buy hundreds of boatbuilding supplies. You can browse trough their entire catalogue, sorted into different categories such as sails, plans, material, and gear. Each one of the items listed here displays pictures, main features, and price, and they are all available to purchase online with any major credit card.


Author : Liam Gray

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