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Drjaygordon.comDr. Jay Gordon is a physician that specializes in pediatrics nutrition and feeding.


He is best-known for his role as child medical consultant on both CBS and ABS shows. His website can be found at, and it provides a wide array of information on the areas that Dr. Gordon specializes in. There are sections which are devoted to children nutrition and breastfeeding, whereas a page entitled “Attachment Parenting” deals with issues such as babywearing and sleep patterns in the family bed. Moreover, a section denominated “Alternative Medicine” discusses alternative treatments to common conditions. Mr. Gordon has also published a number of books, and they can be purchased online. These titles include “Good Food Today, Great Kids Tomorrow”, and the “Good Night! The Parent’s Guide to the Family Bed”. His most recent books include the “Hug Your Baby” title, which deals with the relationship between newborn babies and their mothers, and “Listening to Your Baby: A New Approach to Parenting Your Newborn”.


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