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DRIVNNX.comDRIVNNX is a new online extreme sports community focusing on sports such as snowboarding, skating, BMX, motoX, wakeboarding, skydiving, and just about every other sport you find to be extreme.


So what sets this site apart from others? Just like other social networking communities, DRINNX strives to bring people together but they are also the same guys that are out there hitting the slopes, riding the trails, and getting dirty in the trenches just like you.

The site’s goal is to build a community in which to eventually be able to sponsor athletes and actually give away items to thank members for their support. Last but not least, DRIVNNX was created to allow people to share tips, tricks, hidden locations, or just meet others to hang out with.

Users have the capabilities to upload pics, vids, make connections with new people, read reviews, read news, and everything else you can think of regarding extreme sports. The site is focused around the user so if there are changes that need to be made to suit the needs of the members, the site make changes accordingly.


Author : Charly Zaks

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