KillerStartups – Online Medical Advice

DrAdvice.infoIt is important to be able to trust certain Internet websites. Everyone can upload contents to the Internet, that’s why there are so many false pieces of information at the web.

The purpose of is to provide a search engine for those who need to find information about medical condition and diseases. They will guide you to other websites where they can clarify your doubts or inquiries. At the list of categories they include you can find allergies, depression, blood pressure, plastic surgery, mental health, heart attacks, fertility, diabetes, and asthma, among many other options. They also have a search engine that can help you look for something more specific. They suggest that you should bookmark their website, because they update their site daily. If you have any technical problem, or you have any doubts about the general functioning of this website, you can contact the creators of this site (the necessary information is posted at the web page).

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