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Doomsdayiscoming.comDoomsday is a British film directed by Neil Marshall. Set in the future, the film follows the journey of Eden (Rhona Mitra) and a number of military experts as they look for the cure for a lethal plague that goes by the name of “Reaper”, which had infected Scotland and now is breaking in London.

Along the way Eden becomes part of different intrigues that involve the British government and the group of cannibalistic bandits that now inhabit Scotland. All the information about this film can be found at The site features a photo gallery that can be perused online, whereas dowloadables include wallpapers, screensavers and icons. Furthermore, the site enables the visitor to join the Doomsday group on Facebook, as well as check out director Neil Marshall’s webpage. Moreover, the soundtrack can be listened to online, and a 3D game can be played as on the website as well.