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Dooblet.comDooblet is a search tool that will empower you to find alternatives to any concept that interests you in a concise manner. Basically, all you have to do is provide a query and the system will automatically produce a string of related concepts for you to delve upon.

For instance, I tried looking up W. B. Yeats and the best replacement was T.S. Eliot. As any person who is keen on literature can tell you, this is an interesting suggestion, although from a strict standpoint they are just intrinsically related – they are not exactly replaceable.

I also tried it out with some music bands, and it failed to come up with matches for either They Might Be Giants or XTC. However, it did come up with Led Zeppelin as a Who replacement, and the Guess Who were placed underneath the Zepsters in relevance.

For its part, I keyed in “Evangelion” and the engine also failed to yield any results. The same went for other anime shows like Rahxephon and Zegapain.

I don’t want to end the review on a negative note, though. I really like the concept at play, and if users are motivated to contribute their suggestions such a resource could come in more than handy for broadening your scope and having access to a wealth of suggestions in an instant fashion. I advice you to follow the link below in order to try it out for yourself, and draw your own conclusions. I think you will agree that the basic premise is quite interesting. In Their Own Words

“Find alternatives to everything!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

When fully realized, such a service could help anybody find related concepts in an instant manner.

Some Questions About

How is the search process in itself carried out?