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DomainPigeon.comDomain Pigeon is a tool that empowers those looking for the perfect domain name a chance to find it straightaway. In principle, Domain Pigeon lists unregistered domain names that can be sifted through at will until a suitable one is found.


When that happens, the user can register it.

A nice feature is that the domains making up the list change color as they are clicked upon. This way, you can realize which ones are attracting the most attention, and act before it is too late. Of course, a search tool and a domain checker are likewise included for you to see if the domain name going circles in your head is available, or if you have to rack your brains a little bit more.

This service can be tried out for free, but if you want to have access to the full list of unregistered domains registration is mandatory. This throws in more then 8,000 domains into the mixture – a respectable number on anybody’s books, and more than enough to set any prospective webmaster going. In Their Own Words

“Domain Pigeon helps you find unregistered domain names for your websites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site acts as a good source of inspiration for those trying to capture the essence of their concepts through catchy names.

Some Questions About

How many domains are added per day?


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