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DogStarRadios.comHaving one’s own music collection, which can be increased or edited at will without paying a dime was every music fan’s dream, and with p2p and social networking we got that. But there’s a recurrent syndrome in music lovers of the p2p era: one is forcefully enclosed in one’s (and the immediate circle of friends’) likes and knowledge of music and artists.

Social radio services, like have been of great use in dealing with this problem, but the fact remains that we still get to know a very limited range of music in very specific styles and genres. Before we had computers, we used to have televisions, and before that we had radios, which were an incredibly useful means to know about new things, listen to unexpected tunes, and learn about the existence of unknown trends. It was Salvador Dali who said that originality is nothing but going back to the origin, so if you feel like doing something quite different, take a look at this site, where you will be able to find a huge assortment of radio receivers for subscription-based services like Sirius and XM satellite. They sell portable and car players, boomboxes and also antennas for homes and cars, plus a wide range of GPS gadgets, including some very nice handheld and exercise ones. If you are not too familiarized with how these receivers work, or how to install them, don’t worry, as presents very thorough information on these topics, which will definitely be of great use. Interestingly, once you’re done with the research on the item of your preference and you’re ready to shop, the site will also offer additional warranty and service packs for your appliances, and also a selection of recommended accessories.