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DoctorBase.comDeveloped by Panda Software, Doctor Base provides anybody with a ready chance to find a healthcare professional anywhere within the United States. Audiologists, dermatologists, dentists, optometrists, oncologists… these are some of the professionals that you will be able to choose from the drop down menu you will use when launching a search on the site.

You will also be asked to specify your exact location and the radius that applies, so that you can keep everything as close to home as you want.

And there is more to the site than these comprehensive search capabilities. One of its most distinctive features is that all the healthcare professionals that are included have been reviewed by people like you and me. That makes the site far more usable in the end, as you get to know more about a doctor than just his street address. You are actually being provided with the chance to learn about the services which he provides, and what to expect if you decide to pick him over the other healthcare professionals who can be found through the site. In Their Own Words

“Where patients refer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site will let you do more than just find a healthcare professional – it will actually let you find one that is reputable.

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Can you save search results and recall them later on?