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DizzyWood.comDizzy Wood is a virtual world for children in the Web, and you will have full access to this world through


Once you enter the site you will be able to read general information about and the creators if this virtual world. If you want to enter the virtual world and start playing, then you just have to select the “Play now” section, wait until the “loading” is completed and start playing! A parent’s guide is available in the site so that they can teach their kids the terms and conditions of the game, as well as a FAQ section in order to clear any doubt they might have. The site is very attractive and no doubt any kid visiting it will want to play Dizzy Wood. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments you would like to make to then you can do so by visiting the “contact” us section at the bottom of the site. Teach your kids how to play and let them enter this virtual game!


Author : Caroline Bright

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