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DixieChicks.comNot much was heard about the Dixie Chicks after their public statement about how they are ashamed of George W. Bush, so I’m guessing they’ll wait for the White House to have a new guy in charge to start playing again.


In the meanwhile, go check out their site: you’ll find a really nice design and some massive update shortage. For instance, you can only listen to tracks from their latest album, and there isn’t any available media to take a look at. Some information on the band and a very synthetic biography is to be found on the site, but the complete biography, their opinion on their own works, and press appearance videos you can take a look at if you go over to the press section. It would be great to have information on blogs of interest, fan fiction, and to be able to read about their influences and projects too; it would also be great to get some extra content, like wallpapers, slideshows, backstage images, buddy icons, etc. Links to buy the merchandise and CDs are provided, but no iTunes or CD Baby links.


Author : Steve Dixon

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