Dividend.com – The Only Way to Invest

Over the last eight months, we have been developing our database of nearly 1900 dividend stocks that we cover for investment research. We have developed our own “five-star” investment ratings criteria and applied that to each dividend-paying stock.

Just this week, we put the final touches on a model portfolio section that we have created for different investor profiles.

As of this past week, slightly less than 30% of the stocks we cover are recommended. We anticipate this list getting even smaller as we continue to review our ranking system. We have broken down the nearly 540 stocks recommended and coded them according to the type(s) of investor(s) who should be targeting them. We also include daily coverage of upgrades and downgrades.

Why Dividend.com It Might Be A Killer

This should prove to be a real benefit to long-term investors and investors that are not knowledgeable about stock investing. Not only is our goal to become a place for users to come and research what to do for their retirement, but also to become the “Consumer Reports of Dividend stock investing.”