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Discussbodybuilding.comDiscussbodybuilding.com is the perfect website for Bodybuilders or just regular people modeling their figure to get informed, ask questions, and discuss about body building and related topics.

The website is basically a collection of forums, where topics like training, equipment, nutrition, and supplements, among many others are discussed. It was created back in 2003, and now, five years later, more than 15.000 users gather here in order to share thoughts and knowledge. Besides the regular discussion boards, some of them are specially created to post articles, news, and studies. In order to be able to post a message you have to be a registered user first. Registering is free and it lest you create your own personal profile. You can also browse trough all the members profiles and leave them messages. Finally, there is a calendar section where all the most important events and news regarding body building are posted. Discussbodybuilding.com