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DiscountAutoRepairManuals.comWith the summer approaching, it’s good to decide to engage in some form of productive outdoor activity. If your car has been doing some funny noises or spending too much gas, it could be a good idea to try and see it you can fix it, yes, yourself.


As with everything in life, it is always sensible to RTFM whenever one is available, and you would be quite shocked to learn how many manuals of all forms, heights, utility and price you will be able to find at specialized sites like Indeed, these guys have everything you need to read your way to repair or mod an auto, truck, motorcycle, or ATV, in short: the complete Haynes and Chilton collection of self-repair literature, aimed both at professional mechanics and for those who have less than sub-standard knowledge of the subject. The site is very easy to use, as you will find manuals sorted out by brand (Audi, Chevrolet, Pontiac, etc.), part of the car you need to fix (Emission Controls, Suspension & Steering, Heating & AC, etc.) and kind of vehicle (motorcycles, All-terrain vehicles, trucks, etc). The manuals can be ordered in plain book form, or you can get them as CDs if you prefer.


Author : Steve Dixon

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