– Gardening Supplies is homepage for a retail seed and gardening store that services garden enthusiasts in the United States, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands; it focuses on providing vegetable, flower, herb and other plant seeds and gardening accessories and supplies.

At the site you will also be able to find tutorials and general articles on how to grow and care for the plants you most love, and also check out what might be wrong with them to try and cure and keep them at their best. offers a free Garden Planning tool, which advices site visitors on what plants they should keep depending on what climate, animal problems and color they prefer, which users indicate by filling a form not unlike a standard survey. After that, the site produces a results page with all the information on the plants that might fit your particular garden needs and likes, plus the links to buy them, so it’s as simple as you could ever wish for. The site offers other resources, such as gift certificates and shipping discounts.