DieOff.org – The End Of Fossil Fuels

DieOff.orgApparently, since Al Gore lost to George W. and started focusing on global warming and its many dangerous side effects for humanity, climate change has become a hot topic.

Dieoff.org is a site dedicated to bring you the facts about global warming; all backed up with credible scientific information. The charts and graphs (which seem oddly familiar to the ones shown by Al Gore in The Awful Truth) are very informative and should provide you with a basic idea as to what the abusive use of fossil fuels is doing to our planet. There are various disaster theories on the site. The Oil Depletion scenario states that in the next 20 years, our oil-fueled world is going to face the complete depletion of its fossil fuels supplies. All of this makes the site a very interesting read and should allow anyone to learn a little about global warming on their free time. DieOff.org