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Diagnosia.comDiagnosia is a new search engine for medical drugs. This site lets any person who has been prescribed a medicine learn all there is to know about it – who has manufactured it (and where), how suitable it is for alleviating his condition, what are its side effects (if any)… All the information that is retrieved by Diagnosia comes from verified leaflets.


In actuality, the site is aimed as much as physicians as it is aimed at patients. They will get to know the latest developments regarding any drug that they prescribe regularly, and ensure that they are looking after their patients with all the due care that should be paid in all cases.

Searches are conducted by providing either the name of the drug, or the name of its producer. Besides, it is possible to carry out searches by substance.

And it is important to mention that the site is available in English, Spanish, German and French. In Their Own Words

Your medical drug search.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Patients will learn all about the drugs they are prescribed in the blink of an eye through such a platform.

Some Questions About

What other advantages has this site got for doctors?


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