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Desktop On Demand – Your Private Online Desktop

Think of Desktop On Demand as an online version of your personal computer, and then some.


Do the things you’d expect to do on your PC – surf the web (except with greater privacy), deal with email, write, edit and save documents and photos, download stuff, play games, customise the look and feel, etc.

Now add to this a desktop which is more private and secure than the one you are probably using right now, that you can access from anywhere, where you can transfer and store files through drag-n-drop as well as encrypt, share and stream them on-the-fly and you’ll have good idea of what DOD is all about.

Ultimately Desktop On Demand puts truly portable and mobile computing capability within the reach of everyone.

Why Desktop On Demand It Might Be A Killer

Desktop On Demand is all about flexibility, continuity and choice and no longer being bound by the technical limitations and security issues of a local computer and offers a fully fledged online desktop solution.

Desktop On Demand offers an under-one-roof solution to the myriad of disparate desktop applications that are translated to the web, many badly or just simply half baked, and offers a practical way to unify a user’s ability to access personalised applications and files from just about anywhere and even brings truer meaning to the term ‘Web OS’, though it really is an ‘Internet OS’.


Author : Fred Inman

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