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Desiringgod.orgIf God has mysterious ways, a good roadmap for those who work with him is to be found in


This site is fully devoted to providing resources designed to aid ministers and preachers to, precisely, do their job, by presenting numerous sermon videos, audios, books, articles, Bible studies and an online store. The site was created and is regularly updated by Dr. John Piper, Pastor for Preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As per what can be seen around the site, it attracts not only preachers and ministers, but congregation members as well, mostly in the forums area, where they meet to discuss their concerns with the eventual participation of Dr. Piper. The material available from the site comes in different formats, including RSS; however, what seems to be the best (in regards to congregation that is) is the podcast section, where users will be able to find one daily 30 minute interview with the pastor, plus other weekly features. Also worthy of highlighting is this site’s attractive and sophisticated graphics, and the fact that every couple of days a new topic is discussed, presenting specific resources that deal with, for instance, natural disasters, so that pastors can efficiently study and prepare their sermons using these articles, bible passages, literature, interviews to specialists in different areas, etc. Using these resources is free; however users are encouraged to make a donation to help maintain the site.


Author : Steve Dixon

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