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Delorie.comThis is the website of Deloire Software, a company that is held by an only person. Despite that fact, at Delorie.

com you will find many useful resources related to computers; the company’s work focuses on primarily in MS-DOS software, like djgpp, but also offers services on web design, X, and other Unix software. When browsing the site, you will be able to access different categories you will find listed at the homepage, including Freebies, Services, Contracts, and a bookstore. If you access the services section, you will find the world-famous WebChess server, as well as mail archive searches, zip indexing and extraction, and other things that this server can do for you. It also includes a number of multimedia functions provided by the site, like image scanning. Besides, nonprofit organizations can access a small amount of free services, like the Free Software Foundation. If you are new to the site and need some help, you should click the How To Button at the top of your screen.