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Delineal.comA company that is taking its first steps on the Internet, Delineal offers up a webpage matching system as its main product. This matching system can already find (and group) related sites without using either server or content data. That is, it can look for similarities without having to rely on IP addresses or the kind of data indexed by Google and other search engines. This can be used by webmasters who want to know if their design or content has been plagiarized anywhere else. All they have to do is launch a search in order to know if such a thing has happened.

Additionally, the company has come up with a website change detection system that can detect variations big and small in the structural elements of a site. In practice, this means that if your website has been the target of any kind of malicious activity then you will be able to know all about it almost instantly.

Coming back to the search for related websites, Delineal can currently look for similarities in the top ranked 1 million sites on the Web. That limit is going to be expanded soon, and I (for one) am keen to see which other products the company announces next. In Their Own Words

Find structurally similar or related websites within the top 1 million websites.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really quick way to find out if your site has been plagiarized.

Some Questions About

Which other uses are people going to put this technology to?

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