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Delaycast – Flight Delay Predictor

DelaycastDelaycast is a flight delay prediction engine which provides information that helps travelers choose flights based on the likelihood of delays. Users simply enter in their travel date, time, and airport code into the search fields, and instantly he or she is provided with the predictability statistics of the chance of the airline departing on time, the expected departure delay, and the chance of cancellation.


The concept is that users may consult this site if they are unsure as to what airport, time of day, and airline they should choose. Additional features, such as the Profiles link, which allows users to research the general sense of an airport, and the Resources link, which provides users with further travel resources, provide users with even more information that they may use when planning a trip.

Delaycast In Their Own Words

“Chronic flight delays have made airline schedules unreliable for travel planning. Delaycast was established to provide information about possible difficulties in flight itineraries and to give travelers realistic expectations about their travel plans. Its goal is to help flyers avoid delays, missed connections, and unintended stayovers. When travelers consider future air travel, provides them with reasonable estimates of the delays they may experience based on factors such as airline, origin, destination, and date and time of day. These estimates are based on predictive modeling technologies that model historical patterns in flight delays and project them into the future.”

Why Delaycast It Might Be A Killer

Delaycast is straight-forward and easy to use. The interface is simple, which allows users to quickly obtain the information needed to plan around potential flight delays. The additional features, such as the Profiles and Resources links, add to the trip-planning experience, hence making the entire package comprehensive and valuable for users.

Some Questions About Delaycast

Could partnerships with airlines be explored to increase reach? How would use of the site increase or otherwise change if Delaycast were to expand into real-time flight delay information? If Delaycast were to explore deeper partnerships with travel search engines, beyond a link in the Resources tab, how would reach and the number of potential users increase? Delaycast


Author : Bill Webb

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