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Defineitfast.comWith over 200,000 defined English words in its database, Defineitfast is a convenient page to visit the next time you are unsure of a word’s meaning. Defineitfast is the self-proclaimed fastest dictionary on the net, and testing of the page would seem to point towards this being a correct statement.


Using Wordnet 3.0 and Ajax technologies, Defineitfast allows you to enter any word into an easy to use search bar and it gives almost instant and accurate results back. The next time you need a word defined, Defineiteasy does exactly what it says it will by bringing you the fastest definitions on the web. As an added bonus, Definitefast also has a function that allows you to search the web. In Their Own Words

“ known as is developed and maintained by P.Medina as a pet project. It was originally intended to be a proof of concept and a fun side project. However, it seems online dictionaries nowadays seems to be frustrating to use because of there speed so P.Medina thought to share this ajax-driven online dictionary for people who use online dictionary as an alternative and help more people to find the definitions more efficiently and hassle free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Definitefast is free, easy to use, and very fast. People could start using this page as their first stop when they need to define a word.

Some Questions About

Ultimately, success will depend on whether they can continue to add words to their database to be able to better compete with the large number of online dictionaries. Perhaps they could also consider expanding to include a thesaurus or a translation tool.


Author : Caroline Bright

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