search cancel – The Unofficial Guide To The DC Universe is an internet encyclopedia of the DC Universe, past, present, and future.


Its mission is to chronicle the events of the post-Christ/post-Zero Hour DC Universe from spanning from creation to the end of time. It includes everything from Who is Who profiles on characters, places, organizations, and events in the DC Universe, to issue-by-issue indexes and character chronologies as well as a detailed history of the Universe itself. All parts of the Guide are thoroughly interweaved using hyperlinks. For instance, each time you run across a character that has a Who is Who profile in the DC Index Series, a hyperlink will bring you directly to that profile, and whenever an issue is mentioned that has been indexed a hyperlink will bring you to that issue. To learn more about it, browse the categories located at the top of the homepage, including Who’s Who, Indexes, History of the DCU, Message Board, and Search Engine.


Author : Pat Gregson

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