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If you find online dating to be an option for meeting new people, is a site you should  check to be aware of another alternative in this field. Sometimes you may not get so lucky in some previous site you’ve tried. But just like in the real world, where you did not meet anybody interesting in one night club and go to another, you visit different websites and see if they are a better place for you. Your kindred soul might be around in any of them.


Registration in this site is free, so once you become a user you will be able to use every feature in it. You can search other members by country, covering almost every place around the globe. Also, you have the chance to narrow searches by sex and age, so you’ll get results of people who meet your search criteria.

When creating your profile, you will be able to upload some pictures of yourself to give other users a better idea of whom they are talking to. Including photos will also improve your position in search results from other members of

At the top of the page you will find three tabs which lead you to a section where you can rate users of the site with whom you’ve had some interaction too. There is even a section which includes the top rated members, whether men or women. If you choose to contact someone included there you’ll face some competition for sure, but why not giving it a shot anyway? After all, giving it a shot is the first step to succeed.

And the chat feature can be also a great option to interact and enjoy long conversations with your newly made friends.

Why Might Be A Killer

Datanta gives another option for online dating, which can be a solution for many people who find it hard to start conversations with the opposite sex.


Will be redesigned in the near future? The present one seems really outdated.


Author : Caroline Bright

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