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Some of the products and services that are offered are campaign manager which helps you get the highest ROI out of your communication budget. gives you advise on where to adapt your campaign: creative material, media, media strategy or target group. What is more, the Daphne 360 Degree Method allows your campaign to be analysed from every angle. Campaign Performance Indicator which is a model that shows if your campaign delivers what you expected. Now you can make your campaign belong to the 30% best. There is also The Test Train that is able to predict the effects of creative advertising material. Through the online report module you can see whether your advertising material is worth the investment. AdBench gives insight into the performances of ads in a magazine. It gives publishers the opportunity to inform and advise their advertisers better and faster. You can also get cross media manager, client value optimiser, audience management system and AdManager.


Author : Fred Inman

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