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DaFoodie.comDaFoodie is a service that will be of great help to people who are traveling somewhere and who are not really that acquainted with the different restaurants and venues available in their close vicinity. Essentially, the site will let them know what is available at each venue, and also provide them with the necessary directions.


The best thing might as well be the approach, since instead of having you key in your specific query the site offers you a collection of pictures to whet your appetite. When you come across one that is yummy enough it is a mere matter of clicking on it in order to learn more.

You can streamline the dishes that are presented by picking the type of food from the provided drop down menu, and the same goes for the place. There is no point coming across something that looks delicious if it is located at the other side of town.

Note that this system only covers Orlando for the time being, but it covers it from front to back. It will be interesting to see it eventually expand to other territories. In Their Own Words

“Decide where to eat in Orlando!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

By taking a picture as the starting point this system makes everything easier on the one who has to make a choice, and certainly more enjoyable on the whole.

Some Questions About

Will other places be eventually covered?


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