KillerStartups – Luxury Kitchen Appliances

Dacor.comDacor is a company that provides a wide-ranging collection of luxury kitchen appliances. You can view the products that the company has made itself a name for on its website.

These are grouped in four different collections that go by the names of “Epicure”, “Millennia”, “Preference” and “Integrated”. Stylish items like wall ovens, ranges and cook tops can be found along with warming drawers and dishwashers. For its part, items that have been recently added to the existing catalog are spotlighted on the right-hand side of the main page. On the other hand, if you have to keep an eye on your finances you are bound to appreciate the “Get Your Hot! Details” section, as you can come across items that benefit from a remarkable markdown there. There is also a calendar that lists Dacor events all over the US, while a “Featured Recipe” subsection provides you with palate-tempting suggestions to try out.

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