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D12.comThis is the official website of the State of Michigan’s 12th Judicial District Court, a service oriented court. The court is dedicated to dispensing equal justice in all matters under the court’s jurisdiction, providing the highest quality of professional services in a prompt and efficient manner.


To that end, this site was thought as an efficient and practical online service that citizens could take advantage of. That’s why the site provides visitors in general with all the public information in court’s hands, so as they can use it in all kind of issues. The site’s resources include public documentation, forms, news, reports, and more. You can also find out a lot more about this institution by accessing the court’s divisions: civil, criminal, judicial, and others, where you will find locations and useful information. Check the full court’s calendar for a full description of the events to come, or take a look at the court records for past documentation.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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